Why La Petite Maman?

Well I’m fairly short. I stand at exactly 5 feet and standing next to my 6’ 4” husband and son I seem pretty small. Not to mention I’m a mom. So I’m a short mom married to an Algerian that speaks mostly French. I think the name is pretty catchy 😉

Why do you blog?

First and foremost I passionately love food and the Algerian culture. When my husband and I first started dating I tried to find Algerian recipes to prepare for him. You know the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Unfortunately there was barely any sites in English and the ones I did find were not recipes from Algiers; where my husband is from. I didn’t know that recipes differed from each city/region. Their culture has not been commercialized like Algeria’s counterpart Morocco. And what I have noticed is that there are many Algerians married to Westerners such as Americans, Canadians, and the British. Like with most Algerian families they will primarily speak French, Arabic and/or Berber. So many times when recipes or customs are “translated” many things are left out. I want to be a resource for anyone married to an Algerian and so that is why I blog.

What is on your blog?

My blog is all about Algerian food and its culture. You’ll learn about the different spices, ingredients and tools that make the food. The techniques it may require and even sometimes the history of how things have come to be in Algeria. I am married to an Algerian and though I am not myself I feel Algerian when I cook.

Where do you get your recipes and ideas?

All the recipes featured on my blog are 100% mine, inspired by the ones passed down to me from my husband’s family. I try to keep each recipe authentic but as I live in the U.S. some ingredients are not easy to come by. Most times I will state the proper ingredient and use what I can here. Also my kitchen is a Halal kitchen, I am not Muslim, I am Catholic but I respect my husband enough to maintain my life in Halal state. So with many French/Turkish/Mediterranean recipes that are easily used in Algerian cooking substitutions are sometimes made.

What is Halal?

Halal is pertaining to any action or item that is allowed by Islamic law. Living a halal life extends far beyond not eating pork as many believe. It’s a way of life actually. Many things are haraam, such as consuming alcohol, and blood. It is prohibited. Also the way an animal is slaughtered, as long as it is done the right way even Christians and Jews can offer meat to Muslims. Coexist People!!!

Where do you get your photos?

Every photo on my website has been taken by me on my iPhone. Everything is real, no plastic food or any stock photo. I personally plate each dish most times when my family is impatiently waiting to eat or have already started eating without me; I’m still working. I literally look like those obnoxious tourist taking photos of everything but in the comfort of my own home. Secretly being judged by husband, lol.

Can I use your content on my website/blog?

Please do not redistribute my pictures or recipes as your own. Ask for permission and I will gladly oblige with the correct linking information. I have worked for many countless nights perfecting my blog. Please don’t steal my work.

Contact Me:

A. A. Preure: LaPetiteMamanUS@gmail.com

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